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Metroidvania / Rhythm game crossover. Story and lore book.
A story to be told
X-Light has an original story in a free-to-download e-Book format that will tell about the history and lore of Althaze, the alien universe our characters live in, created from scratch and described in minute detail. The e-Book will be somewhat interactive, allowing the reader to choose which of the two main characters' story to follow right after the 10th chapter. The e-Book also won't have an actual ending but will rather be a crossmedia experiment, so that the last words of the chosen character in the book will be the first of said character in the game. Nonetheless, it will be possible to play X-Light even without reading the e-Book. There will be a brief intro to the story at the beginning of the game, and the in-game dialogues will provide elements of history and backstory, but the player's identification in the game and characters will only be complete by reading the whole tale.
Game features
X-Light is a Metroidvania-style video game, showcasing a combat system derived from rhythm games. Each and every type of enemy will get it's own original music loop and gameplay, so to keep the experience as fresh as possible. Be assured it won't be easy to keep time while paying attention to traps, lasers and all sorts of other dangers. The Visionarium, a laboratory where Evangeline lies, will be your greatest resource. That extraordinary machine will enable you to experiment with your DNA and make you stronger than ever. Only by mastering its capabilities will you be on your way to a better exploration and stronger fighting experience. Beware though! You'll be able to clear the stages by following more than one path, each one with its own puzzles, rewards and dangers!
Main Characters
There will be two playable character in X-Light, Rise-S and Faith-S, two alien beings who belong to the Althanoid race. Each one of the two will have a story and troubles to deal with, and will be able to unlock different skills that will let you play the game differently. In fact, in order to have a 100% completion rate you'll need to beat the game with both of them! Two Voidkeepers will stand on their way to the end, Selius-V and Vogan-V, the most fearsome creatures the althanoids ever met. They'll give anything they can to protect their shelters and their precious g-flux provisions they collected during the Epithelium War. Rise and Faith's venture will be hard and full of surprises, especially since nothing is what it looks like ``down there``...
Blog & News
Akhaan soshor,  dear Althazeans! This is were it all started! I care so much about Stum! because it gave “way” to all the rest of the book! It was the first thing I thought of when I decided to get behind the PC and start writing. But let’s take things slowly and go back a...
The Character Controller
Let’s start today’s article with a bad word? Hey, everyone! This time we’re taking a small detour before posting the second part of the article I started last time on our Art Direction (click here to read it), and we’re talking about the fundamental aspect of a platform game: the character controller. But first of...
Art direction (part 1)
Akhaan soshor! Here I am, ready to reveal some juicy news on our progress after being absent for more than a month, a time we’ve used to really push forward. But that’s another story (and another article)! Today I’d like to start talking to you about one of the key elements of any creative project: the...
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