Althaze: the island

Akhaar soshor, dear Althazians!

Here we are, ready to share with you the greatest adventure of our lives. That’s right! We’re not exaggerating. X-Light is our “firstborn” and as such must be grown in the right environment and especially with the right stimuli. And who better to help us in our task than a passionate and stimulating community? As we mentioned in our first post, our game has seen many changes, some more drastic, some less visible, but that all went to making this title much more mature.

Who has been following us since the start knows X-Light is also a cross-media experiment. This means that to enjoy it in its entirety, there will be the chance to deepen the story thanks to a book we have written, to allow you to identify with the game’s world and the characters that inhabit it. It’s an actual prologue to the in-game adventure, where the history of Althaze’s universe, from the very start to the birth of our two protagonists. A universe created from scratch to allow you to live an unforgettable adventure and we hope we may captivate you as much as possible.

In this blog, you will find various articles, some more particular than others, we have written to get you as involved as possible by telling you about what we’re working on and the reasons behind our choices, some a bit less technical where we’ll tell you small parts of the game’s story, from the 10 chapters in the book. Just as we’re doing right now! Just below, for example, you’ll find an excerpt of chapter 2, where we will describe the Isles, the floating platforms in space where you adventures will take place.

We want to remind you that the X-Light book will be distributed for free, chapter by chapter and will accompany you, if you wish, right up to the game’s official debut.

We’ll leave you the Isles and “chaaluca” to you all!

“The Althazean universe was made up of Isles, actual floating platforms suspended in the dusty atmosphere in apparently casual positions. From what was known, there was a finite number, but the Althanoids had yet to explore them all: some of them were in remote and inaccessible places, some were known but considered uninhabitable since they were unfruitful and inhospitable, some  had even known a period of good fortune that by Rise’s time had long since run out leaving them deserted. Then there were Isles used for the presence of precious deposits of Alluronium and Bariocortex – raw materials that were vital for the Althanoids’ very existence – or colony Isles where they would go on holiday or for a short vacation. Even though they were actual worlds themselves, with different characteristics, histories and traditions, the Isles of Althaze didn’t lead completely autarchic lives. Many were in fact linked to one another by natural passages,  like rocky bridges carved by nature itself, a solidified magma tunnel that opens on one Isle and ends on its  neighbour, emerald waterfalls that jumped from one platform to the one below. Because of this the cultures of the Isles were all interconnected, and the central Government of the Saints could considered everyone’s government without making too much of a leap. Aside from Fractal, there were many other important Isles: there was Icora, hit by perennial storms but considered precious due to its deposits of Septimium Coral, a mineral formation used in biomedicine; Rift, connected to Icora by and ancient tunnel, entirely covered by a web of rivers long since dried out; Avirun, connected to Fractal by a bizarre staircase of Ocialia, a material similar to ice, carved by the inhabitants of the two Isles from a deposit that collected during the carbophoton rain of year 900, the end of the Second Twin era. Also, floating nearby there was the great Exalos, the mountainous Polis, the mythical Safren, the fertile Camithia and the gloomy Mokis.”

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