The shades

Akhaar soshor dear Althazians!

As we had anticipated in the article about the Isles, we intend to let you get closer to the Althaze universe, so you’ll be more than ready the moment X-Light will be released. It’s a very complex world full of details, as you may notice from the description taken from the first chapter of the book. Today we’re going to talk about shades, in other words the most important characteristic of the Althanoid race Rise and Faith belong to, our two playable characters. Thanks to the shade the Althanoids differ one from the other finding their own dimension in a universe where life is far from easy, unless you belong to the caste of the Sheer, but we’ll talk about them in another article later on.

So, shades, in a certain sense, define each individuals character, making them more or less inclined to some behaviours. We realize that at a first glance understanding the complex workings of an althanoid’s organism, but don’t worry, it’s only a small excerpt and by reading the whole book everything will appear clear and you’ll get “into character” rather quickly. For now we just want to give you a small taste and show you how much work there is (and will be) behind X-Light. As we have always said, we are first and foremost video-gamers and then developers. Because of this we are seeing to even the smallest detail, precisely because we are putting ourselves in future players’ shoes. This means, we are always interested in your feedback, because if Genomia became X-Light, we owe it all to you, your critiques and your advice.

Now we’ve got that off our chests, we’ll leave you to the article, about shades, wishing you as always a good read!

Chaaluca althazians!

“From the dusty holosynths written many centuries prior, held far underground in the Observatorium (the city’s central library) Rise had learned that every Althanoid, in specific areas of their body, was endowed with little ducts called g-modules containing g-flux, which, through a thick web of neuro-photonic vessels named drivers, was distributed to the various inner organs allowing them to function properly. The flux were of four different colours and each influenced a specific feature of the individual called shades: the Argo shade, fed by the yellow flux, affected health and courage; there was Mago, characterized by the indigo flux, that determined reasoning, intellect and wisdom; then there was Tala, of a light green flux, that moulded cunning and charisma; and finally Gora, from the amber and crimson flux, which effected an individual’s malice and predisposition to violence. And so, it was the shades that indicated the characteristics of each person. And it was these colours that were visible thanks to the Xenostain. The vigour of each shade was determined by the amount of g-flux contained in the g-modules, from which each impulse was sent to their sphere, the organ present in the very centre of the head that re-elaborated data and transformed it into adrenaline-charged, cognitive, carbo-kinetic and physical energy. From the level of all four g-flux, thus, depended the health of each Althanoid; it was the g-flux which, diminishing in a slow and natural manner, determined their ageing”

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