Akhaan soshor, dear Althazians!

We think the time has come to introduce you to X-Light’s main characters, and more specifically, to the game’s two playable characters: Rise and Faith. As some of you already know, they are both aliens from the universe of Althaze and are part of the race of the Althanoids. You will have to deal with two polar opposite personalities who will both follow their different paths to complete the game, each with their own results, positive or negative as they may be. But one thing is for certain, in both cases, you will have many secrets to uncover!

Let us start with an article dedicated entirely to the male protagonist of the story, Rise, who due to his fearful and introverted disposition will encounter many difficulties throughout his adventures. At the same time, however, you will see a character gifted with extraordinary intelligence, the genius of a lifetime. He will design and build with his own two hands Evangeline, an amazing machine capable of altering DNA and revealing an Althanoid’s true potential. But it will be up to you to decide how to use it to your advantage, so as to help solve the problem that has always afflicted him: to start a family and feel part of the world.

Ever since he was a child, his parents’ unconditional but suffocating love along with their strict and asphyxiating rules, had led Rise into a downward spiral of insecurities and phobias that torment him even now, greatly weakening his life-force. You see, Althanoids live thanks to their shades and the genetic fluids (g-flux) that feed them. The latter are influenced by the individual’s psycho-physical state and will decrease gradually, or not, depending on their state of mind and Rise, certainly, has never been a carefree or serene Althanoid. His g-flux are abandoning him day after day and, in a world where only those in perfect health have the permission to procreate, having a dream such as his, would drive anyone to madness sooner or later.

If you do decide to play X-Light as Rise, you should know that it won’t be easy to face his story, but if you will be able to identify with him and accept his way of living and behaving, you will receive a lot in return…

We’ll leave you with a small description of Rise’s (and other Althanoids’ in general) physical appearance, taken from the first chapter of the book dedicated to the game’s lore.

Chaaluca to you all!

The citizens of Althaze were fascinating creatures, stunning and charismatic, and Rise was no exception.
He had two strong arms, athletic and sinuous legs, two deep eyes, though always with a veil of melancholy, full lips and an elegant nose. His hands and feet counted three digits, while his head ended with a halo of protuberances towards his back that, altogether, formed the so-called spotter, a sort of hypersensitive ear that captured sounds and vibrations; in Rise’s case these protuberances were four but the number could vary, as some individuals could have even three or six. This bizarre ear, one of the most characteristic Althanoid features, took on a more marked and sharp form in males, whereas the females had more graceful and soft lines while being less pronounced.
Rise’s skin was smooth and even, of a deep shade of indigo spotted by lighter areas and others that were either of an intense violet or blue. The darker areas were made up of bariocortex, a pseudo-organic substance which functioned as an armour against any impact or fall, even from considerable heights. The lighter areas were instead coated with alluronium, an impalpable and weightless substance,basically a protective layer for the inner organs that made the skin transparent especially in the torso. In the females of the species this iridescent medley was almost identical, though their skin took on various shades of green. The parts made up of the two elements alternated spontaneously along the Althanoid’s entire body, differing from one individual to the next, giving way to a beautiful patchwork of shades. From the front, Rise’s transparent torso, as with all of his species, let you glimpse at, through the transparencies, his smooth skeleton void of cavities: the so-called layer, a sturdy bio-metallic structure. Rise’s and the other Althanoid’s organism was a powerful and resistant machine. There was only one substance that neither the bariocortex nor the alluronium were able to resist: drum, a watery substance naturally present in Althaze, that was incredibly dangerous for the inhabitants of that universe. The Althanoids had to feed every day, but their organism was structured so that they would never have to drink. Were they to ever come in contact with drum, no matter how it would occur, their life-force would quickly drop.

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