Akhaan soshor, dear Althazeans!

After having told you about Rise and his problems, today it’s all about Faith, the best friend of the genius but melancholic Althanoid.  As I’ve already mentioned, the personalities of the two playable characters of X-Light are polar opposites and if Rise lives his life anxious and insecure, Faith has always been a lover of life, fearless and free from any mental restraint, thanks to a happy childhood filled with acts of rebellion. Don’t get me wrong, she always respected her old parents, let’s just say that she hid most of her exploits so she wouldn’t worry them, since she often pushed herself far past her limits. Faith was a special Althanoid and everything was clear to her from the start. She was energetic, headstrong, quick and brave and she loved to help anyone in need.

Unlike Rise, Faith’s shades were in perfect shape, actually even too developed! Argo, the shade that defined her courage had g-flux amounts far out of the ordinary gifting her with great strength, bravery and recklessness. Faith was the perfect warrior, one that the Saints, the oligarchs of the Althaze’s Supreme Government, yearned to have among their army ranks. But she had other plans and when her mother and father died, she formed a group of rebels named the “Hunters”.

The loss of her parents made her even more fierce: instead of weakening or demoralizing her it had fed an unstoppable need for revenge. The Voidkeepers were the ones to kill her parents, the sworn enemies of the Althanoids, who one night under an almost full-moon, put an end to their lives mercilessly. Or at least these were the rumours circulating Marhaali, the capital of Fractal, the birthplace of Rise and Faith.

I’ll leave you as always with a short passage from the first chapter of the X-Light book, where we describe Faith for the very first time.

Chaaluca to you all!

Rise had no memory of his first encounter with Faith. She had just always been there. Daughter of a family of fellow descent, she was born a few days after him and was the only young Althanoid to have had the honour of crossing the threshold of his room in his tower-home. Rise always welcomed her gladly, but to be perfectly honest Faith would have entered anyway. She had always been a particularly stubborn and headstrong child, and now that she had become one of the most renown obstetricians of Marhaali, these traits were even more pronounced. Faith had had a troubled life, one that had made her stronger without, however, making her lose trust in others. She was a social animal, gifted with a great intuition that allowed her to read into the very heart and spheres of other Althanoids. She did not know fear: in the centre of her bust the g-module containing Argo pulsed with far greater strength than her other shades, ever since birth. Sometimes she felt as if her heart was about to burst in her chest, as if all her vital fluids surged excessively within her, and that her supplies of courage or health would never go dry. When her adrenalin rose too high, Faith felt the need to move. And so, in those moments, she would go out, any time of the day or night, and run amongst the woodland paths of Marhaali, the wind whistling in her spotter. She was certain life held many a great thing for her, but also for others. She hated sedentary pastimes: to sit still behind a desk at school had been torment (for her) and she had completed her pre-adolescent courses a year after her peers and only due to Fractal’s laws.

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