The characters (part 1)
Akhaar soshor, guys! Today’s article is going to cover one of the subjects we hold closest to heart: the characters. The Genomia project had 5 main characters: 2 playable ones, Artico and Naida, and 3 Bifronts. None of them had been completely studied from an artistic point of view (seeing as we hadn’t had the...
Althaze: the island
Akhaar soshor, dear Althazians! Here we are, ready to share with you the greatest adventure of our lives. That’s right! We’re not exaggerating. X-Light is our “firstborn” and as such must be grown in the right environment and especially with the right stimuli. And who better to help us in our task than a passionate...
X-light @Milan Games Week 2018
Greetings from Althaze! From the 5th till the 8th of October Milan hosted the Milan Games Week, the most important Italian convention dedicated to the video-games. Of course we from Centric-A couldn’t miss it and thanks to build 1.0.49 the players were able to have a small taste of X-Light, our latest project. Born from...
From Genomia to X-Light
A big hello from Althaze! Or maybe we should say: “Akhaar soshor!“, which in Althazian means “greetings to you!” As you see we are finally on the web and we can start our new Dev Blog, where we will tell you everything going on behind the scenes in X-Light. During 2017 we developed, as you...
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