Summary and Merry Christmas
Hey, guys! Today I’d like to talk to you about what went on after the Milan Games Week 2018 and how the game development is going in general, so you can have a better idea of where we’re at. Environment (backgrounds and landscapes) After MGW 2018 I made a difficult decision (how unlike me, right?):...
Akhaan soshor, dear Althazeans! After having told you about Rise and his problems, today it’s all about Faith, the best friend of the genius but melancholic Althanoid.  As I’ve already mentioned, the personalities of the two playable characters of X-Light are polar opposites and if Rise lives his life anxious and insecure, Faith has always...
Akhaan soshor, dear Althazians! We think the time has come to introduce you to X-Light’s main characters, and more specifically, to the game’s two playable characters: Rise and Faith. As some of you already know, they are both aliens from the universe of Althaze and are part of the race of the Althanoids. You will...
The characters (part 2)
Welcome back, everyone! Today’s post is the second article on the subject and I really recommend, if you haven’t already, you read the previous instalment before you read this one. Last time we explained how we had to start from scratch when we were developing our new characters, and today we’re going to talk about...
The shades
Akhaar soshor dear Althazians! As we had anticipated in the article about the Isles, we intend to let you get closer to the Althaze universe, so you’ll be more than ready the moment X-Light will be released. It’s a very complex world full of details, as you may notice from the description taken from the...
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